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I am not a web designer nor a graphics artist. The layout, icons, badges and etc. are free resources I dug up from Internet. Though oftentimes, modification is required, credits solely belong to their respective authors, I just put them together.

To be more specific, this web site is based on a template downloaded from Open Source Web Design.

Don't you think the acronym of Free Style Foundry may be confusing with the Free Software Foundation?
I can see how some people could be confused, but for the follwing reasons, it doesn't bother me:
  • I don't refer FSfoundry as FSF.
  • This domain name is intended for personal use, hosting of Free Software and other non-commercial work. From time to time, it also hosts a few things for my friends as favors, but there is no intention pursuiting anything commercial publicly.
  • I am a supportor and contributor to Free Software. One of the reasons I registered this domain name is to host Free Software projects.
  • If FSF wants this domain, I would be happy to comply.